Company benefits

1、Social insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance, etc.

2、for the reward for the rescue of the company's property and set up a courageous award 500--1000 yuan.。

3、The company set up Hershey fund

Employees legally married, legal birth, marriage certificate, identity card, birth certificate, birth certificate and other copies, He Xijin will be 200 yuan.

4、The company sets up a sympathy fund

Employees directly relatives, such as parents, brothers and sisters, spouses, children and other unfortunate deaths, with proof of death, such as consolation money 200 yuan.

5、Excellent staff, free travel and full participation in outdoor development and other groups of activities, at least once a year.

6、Employee growth fund:

The group's annual budget is RMB 30 thousand yuan as an employee growth fund (see related measures).

7、Artisan fund:

Long Di artisan development fund by the dragon group company invested 50 thousand yuan a year to start the establishment (see relevant measures).

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