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Shenzhen Longdi Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on mobile IOT products and integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales,
After nearly 20 years of hard work in the field of mobile Internet, the leaders of the company stand out in the fierce industry competition and have a good reputation in the industry.
Shenzhen Longdi Group Co., Ltd. currently has three branches:
1 Shenzhen Longdi Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded on July 7, 2011, with a registered capital of 10 million and a plant area of 12000 square meters. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on mobile Internet products and integrating R & D, integrated manufacturing and sales. The company adopts advanced production equipment and can realize an annual production capacity of 10 million 4-5g intelligent machines; The annual production capacity of high-end mobile Internet products is 8 million. The company follows the advanced management concept to produce first-class products and provide high-quality services for our customers. At present, it has more than 30 R & D personnel and about 500 employees. There are 12 finished product assembly lines and 6 packaging lines.
2 Shenzhen Longdi photoelectric industry Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D, production and sales of new materials,
For example: mobile phone 3D glass cover plate, glass panel, optical lens research and development, with an annual production capacity of 80 million.
3 Shenzhen Longdi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development of intelligent Internet of things power terminals
Production and sales, with an annual capacity of about 10 million units.



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