• Mvnyc Fisher

Baltimore's Finest WaveRunner Lays X Young Ransom X Jay Blakc are on Fire with"Check Play" (Video)

Even though there's no shortage of talent in Baltimore, the city Known as Body-More or B-more for short has yet to truly get the shine it deserves but that may be about to change soon if artists like WaveRunner Lays, Young Ransom, and Jay Blakc have any say. We've been watching and cheering Waverunner Lays on for a while now, The West Baltimore Rapper has been putting in work for over a decade and has a legendary Hip-Hop/ Street story with an authenticness most rappers could only Wish for. while watching Waverunner get busy we got put on to Young Ransom and Jay Blakc, two new artists who's impressed us immensely.

Now with the release of the "Check Play" Video shot by SMB Films, and their buzz accumulating at a rapid pace it seems like B-More might be the Next city to dominate Rap soon

check out the "Check Play" Video Now below

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