• Julz Mancini

CapCizza The Cypher King

Written by: Julz Mancini

It’s rare to hear legitimate lyricism these days. Having met CapCizza many years ago, I have had the privilege of watching him grow as an artist. His catchy word play and thoughtful punchlines have always lured in the crowd. His stage presence and unique delivery help him stand out from other lyricists. Rapping isn’t just a hobby or even a career for this artist. It is apparent that music is his passion. Most artists can agree that without music in their lives, daily living would be dull and pointless. Music runs through the blood of every artist. CapCizza makes this very clear with each verse he writes and performs.

He has blessed many stages with his energy filled performances. Now CapCizza is a known asset to the “Grind Mode Cyphers”. Rapping over boom bap beats has become his forte. Known across many states for his continuous attendance to these cyphers has assisted him in building a solid and loyal fan base. His lyrics are music to my ears, as he reminds me that depth and substance still exist within the independent music scene today.

CapCizza has the type of music that you catch yourself vibing to while driving in your car. Envision driving in your car listening to your favorite song or album and losing track of time. Envision yourself listening to an album from the first track to the last, putting certain songs on repeat. That is how I grew to love CapCizza’s music…by getting lost in his words and embracing them.

You can find CapCizza on all social media platforms. In fact, just google him. You won’t be disappointed.