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Detroit's got another one in "Penneth StacksNickles"

In Detroit's storied Hip Hop history there's been a range of great artists "Repping The D".. From Eminem and D12 J. Dilla and Slum Village, Royce da 5'9 to Tee Grizzly to Black Milk and Guilty Simpson Detroit's contributions and Impact on Hip Hop culture is Undeniable. Now with Hip hop trends and popular sounds changing seemingly by the month, sometimes its difficult to cut through the noise and find newer dope artists without a viral Tik tok dance or other social media antics attached but I guess that's exactly why we're here.

At Rap On Steroids, We pride ourselves on keeping our Ear to the Streets, both the "Real streets" and these "Internet Streets" in order to bring our readers authentic hip-hop gems and shine a light on artist who deserve it based on the quality of what counts the most to us...The actual music.

With all that said, we'd like to introduce you to Penneth StacksNickels a rising Mc ready to add his contribution to Detroits already strong Legacy

Stacks (for short), is one of the most unknown fixtures on Detroit's music scene, for years rapping under the moniker Hundred Barz, He worked with some of the city's most talented artist like Elhzi, Guilty Simpson and Marv Won.

Now on a quest to show the world his talents, he's starting to emerge from the underground.

Known and respected by his peers for his lyrical prowess and unrivaled wit, He's quickly re-establishing himself on Detroits scene and with the release of his new single and video for the soulful "Water Colours" He's gaining new fans every day.

With bars like

"Whats the science we dont do compliance/
We dont go out silent, Ima pilot/ and you know thats word to everybody i fly with"

You can tell Stacks really cares about upholding a certain level of lyricism.

Check out Penneth StacksNickles "Water Colour" Video below

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