• Vis Swoops


Written by Vis Swoops


Outer Heaven; 7 track EP; displays high levels of wordsmith and illustrates two

east side of Rochester's natives experiences. Hard hitting boom bap beats; higher elevations of bars; unique, yet contrasting styles. Bringing their reality to the listeners; showing them how to maneuver through Gunroe County. Land where crimes pay drugs sales, robbery, and one of the highest murder rates in New York state.

YearofJordn and BroGawd offer two different approaches to the project makes the dynamic interesting. YearofJordn is a more laid back student of a Nas or Rakim school of thought giving listeners the bird's eye view of the trenches; however with a twist of black empowerment. YearofJordn does not miss a chance to give the fans a front row seat of the action. YearofJordn slides on the tracks with slick wordplay, but highly effective punchlines. The flow that doesn’t combat the beat, but it’s not being carried by it neither. The performance is not a quick fix, but rather lyrical smack that keeps a listener nodding.

Brogawd’s unique and witty play on word and punchline brings a dynamic to the project. Brogawd illuminates the album with a hustler's perspective; embracing his truth. He never hesitates to kick free game in an introspective way. Listeners have to actively listen; due to his ability to find his pocket on the beat some lines may go over your head. God body references similar to early Wu tang with a twist.

Outer Heaven overall, is an easy listen; however, does not lack substance in the short LP. Keeping the true fundamentals of hip hop as the basis of the project. The project is still very fitting for the modern climate of hip hop culture. It is a breath of fresh air of what the game has been missing. Seeing the newer generation still push the culture forward and not chasing the crossover. Would not call YearofJordn and BroGawd the new EPMD at all, but they definitely sticking to their formula of staying true to who they are. One is only doing a disservice to themselves by not listening to this project.

Vis Swoops Favorite track: Ice Cream For The Block & Eastside (ft Curtis Coke)

listen to the full Outer Heaven E.P on Soundcloud below