• Julz Mancini

Fame Johnson- Da Wave

Living life in the fast lane typically brings people to a halt, leading to a revolving door within the prison system. The death of Fame Johnson’s mother left him alone, struggling to survive at the age of 17. One more bid was what reintroduced and rekindled the love he had for music. His pen soon became his weapon of choice, allowing all of his struggle, pain, and life experiences to be released onto paper. Some of the readers can surely relate to this story as it may pertain to them. Creatives are known to use their pain as the driving force behind the birth of their art. Music is known to have changed the lives of many. Whether you are suffering from mental illness, loss, a broken heart, or years of living the street life, music most likely played a role in changing your life or simply changing your mood. This is what music did for Fame Johnson.

Upon his release, Fame transitioned from the street life to the studio life. He poured his energy into his craft, eventually becoming well known in his area. He was also known for his work with “Double U Records”. Fame knew that he wanted to take his passion even further. In 2013, he created an independent record label, “ABEBK”, which stands for “Anybody Everybody Killa”. While being an entrepreneur, Fame is one of the remaining artists of the original “Double U Records” and continues to thrive and progress as a creative.

Fame recently released his new single, “Give It a Chance” featuring Justin Case and Lil Keke. Fame wastes no time and is back in the studio determined to consistently bring his fans new content. Check him out on all social media platforms! Search @therealfamejohnson on instagram to become better acquainted with Fame! Also, be sure to stream his new single!