• Mvnyc Fisher

Haddy Racks assaults the streets with Jim Jones in "I am who I am" Video

If your from New York or any of the surrounding areas, its a great chance you've heard the name Haddy Racks.

The Bronx mainstay made his bones on the New York scene over the years with notable projects, videos, verses and features and now The Rack'D Up Ceo/Artist has a comfortable situation with Jim Jones VL records/ Empire and hes ready to take it to another level

With a penchant for heartfelt compositions and no-nonsense street heaters, Haddy also has a string of High energy Street anthems like his new release" I am who I am" Feat Jim Jones

he brings that same energy as they say with hooks like

"I am who the Fuck i am/ im really who i am on my Instagram /

I used to move grams on that peter pan/ I really had a plan doing hand to hands/ (ouuuuuuuuu)

This is what New York sounds like or least it should..

check out the "I am Who I am" video below

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