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Harlem Bombshell Ash-Lynn defines what a Bad B't*h is with new single "The Definition"

In today's Rap climate women are seemingly dominating the Market as of late. With Superstars Like Cardi B, Meagan thee Stallion and a plethora of other Ladies killing the game it would seem the market is a bit saturated but enter Enterprize Entertainments Resident Brick house and Fem fatale Femcee  Ash-Lynn and her debut single "The Definition" .

With lines like " Phat ass and tittys don't make you a Baddie/ Makin him Daddy won't make him get married/ You should be working on your Business Savvy/ Get you a Cake and then cop you a Patty/" Over a Thumping Track that can get any party started, With "The Definition"  The Harlem Bred artist adds a little Medicine to the sugar, all the while not coming off preachy at all and give you a more clear definition of what a "Bad Bitch" is

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