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Is BHCG the New Wu-Tang?

Now that we have your attention. There's a new movement brewing that you might wanna be in tune with. BHCG stands for Brotherhood Collective Group which is a group/ Movement/ business consisting of Mc's Earn Dinero, Scrilla Gambino, Well Made Choice, Wayz Da Don, SugaHill Prophet Mack Wyatt , producers Music Mystro, and Chuck Platinum( he's a dope mc too), and videographer Cane Green. Now you might see why the Wu-Tang Comparisons are almost inevitable but BHCG is in a lane of its own.

After working for 2 years on the highly anticipated "Be Safe" project its finally here and well worth the wait.

"Be Safe" is an extremely cohesive effort with all of BHCG's moving parts contributing to the heavy lifting as a whole but still finding a way to shine individually.

With songs like Bruce Smith Warren Sapp , Promise Land, FyF and all the rest its hard to have anything bad to say and not bump this project continuously.

check out BHCG's "Be Safe" Now


also check out the 1st video from "Be Safe" called "FyF" BELOW