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Is Pooh Shiesty Snitching?

Wack 100 took to his favorite platform Clubhouse and had some controversial things to say about the incarcerated Memphis Rapper Pooh Shiesty and his ongoing Federal case.

Wack 100 claims Pooh Shiesty had a proffer session with the fed,s and its 2 names in his paperwork that being of his 2 co-defendants and He also claims He has the paperwork to prove it.

Wack 100 goes on to say

"Whenever you include another Mother F**** name in your copout .. You doing something You aint supposed to do"

Listen to the Clubhouse coversation below

But Then.............

After the snitching allegations began to circulate, Pooh Shiesty's attorney quicky stepped up with a statement to address Wack 100 directly put the rumors to rest

On instagram @LawRoninwrote "@Wack100 this is 100 percent false. there is no paperwork that would say @poohshiesty said a word about anything on anything."

What do yall think? Is Pooh Shiesty Snitching or is Wack 100 clout chasing?

hit us up and let us know.