• Mvnyc Fisher

Jay Z DEMANDS justice from Minnesota's Governor for George Floyd

"Opinions are like assholes, Everyone's got one" Once said a person more wiser than most of us and since the tragic death (although most would call it cold blooded murder) of George Floyd at the hands of over-jealous seemingly racist Minnesota police was witnessed by the world and then the consequential Protest rioting and looting.. Everybody wants to know what their favorite artist has to say about the situation and are they speaking out or not. Now Im no proponent of the "artist have to be political" school of thought but i cant deny wanting to know where certain of our most popular entertainers and athletes are during times of social upheaval especially at a time like right now. Enter Jay-z who has seemingly become Hip-Hop's De-facto social activist and power broker (Who would have thought that 20 years ago?)

Since the incident in Minnesota, many on social media have been asking so wheres jay-z on this, why hasn't he spoken out yet? but some people talk about doing ad some people JUST DO.

On Sunday (May 31), Minnesota Governpr Tim Walz held a press conference to discuss the civil unrest that has broken out across the country and quickly escalated beyond anyone's control. During the address Walz revealed Mr S.Carter called him personally(Now Thats what you call influence) to DEMAND JUSTICE for George Floyd.

"receiving a call last night , to understand how big this was, From Jay-Z," Walz continued,

"Not an international performer but dad, stressing to me that justice needs to be served. An that hes listening and hearing it. that this is a place that wants to do it. That this is a place that does it, but we have to follow through."

People forget how much "Hov" does for the community, because most of which he does quietly but at least every once in a while you have to think for yourself and not get caught up in the madness and what people are saying on social media.. Dont forget that old saying "Believe noe of which you hear and half of what you se" but when it come to what we see on social media, I think that classic saying needs to be updated a bit.Dont sleep.. Shouts to Jay-z tho