• Julz Mancini

King Bowdie Prepares to Release Summertime Mixtape

By: Julz Mancini

In today’s music era, it is imperative to have multiple areas of talent and interest. King Bowdie, a South Florida native, is a double threat as he has perfected his craft as an artist and producer. He deemed music as his passion during the 5th grade. It was at this time he turned to pen and paper and began developing his songwriting skills. At such a young age, he made the decision to become a self-taught producer. He made production his primary focus and six years later began creating songs to his own music.

Recently King Bowdie took the plunge in pursuit of a career in music. Due to his determination, he landed his first opportunity to perform in front of prominent artists such as, JT Money, Trina, and Mike Smiff. He has become known as a versatile artist within the music scene and plans to continue to send shockwaves through the industry.

King Bowdie is currently promoting his most recent singles titled, “FR FR” and “Chocolate”. Both songs convey his eclecticism. “FR FR” is a trap-style club banger perfect for a night out. “Chocolate” is a ladies anthem which celebrates melanin and the dark-skinned queens. King Bowdie is now working on a mixtape which is due to be unveiled this summer. Be sure to follow him on social media and stream his music!