• Mvnyc Fisher

(Legendary Bar-Barian) Blok Party

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Legendary Battle Rapper Blok Party formerly known as Streets the Blok comes thru the Rap on Steroids 1st "Bar-Barians" Cypher Taping to set it off the right way. with bars like "Still bench bitches, watch how you talk to the coach tho/ when we talking bout a bag we aint talking bout no Coach tho/ Means loui boat shoes get it by the boat load/ thought they could hang wit me, came with a rope tho/ told her she can hang wit me. Im in her throat tho/

Thats REAL Bar-Barian shit right there plus hes spitting on a Kidd Called Quest track so you know he got crazy.. Check out the whole Blok Party "Bar-Barian" Freestyle below and dont forget to subscribe to our new Youtube Channel we got a lot more coming for yall...

"I done killed niggas whole Blocks before"says Blok Party

shot and Edited by - CaneGreenFilms for Rap on Steroids.

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