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Legendary Battle Rapper Shells Returns on The Flip Da Script Podcast

As with most cultures, Battle Rap has its own folklore, adding to that Battle Rap folklore is the fact that in the late 90s and early 2000's some of the most legendary battles weren't on camera... but that only adds to the legend.

With battle raps rise and current infiltration of today's pop culture, many speak of times past and the names of elite emcees that made a mark during a time when they didnt have social media to get a buzz "all you had was the streets" and constant lyrically warfare that could break out on any corner, in any room, cafeteria, studio or record store front and somehow certain names circulated borough to borough and then world wide. One of those names was a bronx Emcee named Shells.

Shells name has been placed in battles with Heavyweights such as T-Rex, Jin, and much more. He Eventually signed a deal with the fabled Clive Davis and J Records went through some industry trials and tribulations then all but disappeared. Now a decade plus later he resurfaces on the Flip Da Script Podcast to tell his story, talk battle rap and more.

this is one you dont want to miss.

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