• Julz Mancini

"Like This" by Staten Island Music Sensation Ladibree Receives Outpour of Love From Fans

“Like This” is the new captivating single recently unveiled by Ladibree on February 25th. To date, this song is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Ladibree has consistently released music throughout her career which has assisted in the growth of her name and reputation as a talented artist. The Staten Island native recalls performing at the young age of 5, singing “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” by the Temptations. Since then, she has utilized this inspiration as a driving force behind her vision. As she has grown and thrived as an individual, she has also improved as an artist. Due to her authenticity, Ladibree has experienced much success thus far and has no intention of stopping here.

Ladibree revealed that she will be releasing a new project this summer with the title to be determined at a later date. She is determined to put out quality music that her listeners can relate to. She expressed, “Sometimes all it takes is one song to change a person’s mood, day, or even life. If an artist can articulate their personal experiences, it may just resonate with someone who needed to hear that message.” As she continues to work with members of MLM Entertainment, Ladibree mentioned to stay engaged with her content due to upcoming collaborations and announcements.

Along with her one of a kind music, Ladibree’s unique stage name tells a story of sentiment. She explained, “My grandmother gave me that nickname as a baby and would call me that up until she passed away when I was 5 years old, so I decided to keep it alive and make it unique.” As Ladibree continues on her journey throughout the music industry, be sure to tune in with her. She is sure to touch your heart with her exclusive releases and phenomenal demeanor. Click on the links below to check Ladibree out!


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