• Julz Mancini

Marc DiNero Discusses Trending Single “Don’t Do That” & Upcoming Album “Thrones”

This may just be Marc DiNero’s best single yet! “Don’t Do That” is the perfect combination of catchy and lyrical. The widely used term “Don’t do that” was the perfect addition to the hook, as Marc DiNero’s fans have reiterated the lyrics incessantly. When asked how he came up with the idea for the song he stated, “My process when creating this record was actually me telling my daughter don’t do that while I was in the car taking her to the park.” Talented music artists are known for applying every day life to their music so it’s no surprise that Marc DiNero did the same. He has made a name for himself in the music scene as an up and coming rapper who remains relatable and eclectic.

NES, a grammy award winning producer, sent a pack of instrumentals to Marc. As Marc freestyled his way through the beats, he came across the perfect vibe for “Don’t Do That”. By the time he and his daughter arrived at the park, Marc had already created the hook and verse. After reaching out to Wuntayk Timmy to be an addition on the track, he responded with, “I can go crazy on this.” Since the release of “Don’t Do That” Marc DiNero has received an outpour of support and phenomenal feedback on the track.

The video is just as appealing as the track itself. The visuals were shot at VideoBred, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky. Steve Squall and Justin Gustavision completed the video work. Marc expressed, “We decided to go a little more simple in the approach to not over-complicate things but I still feel the visual is pretty dope and entertaining.”

In addition to this hit record, Marc Dinero also announced the upcoming release of his album titled, “Thrones” in January. This album includes production from NES, Sam Beast, DB The Plug, and Young Fame from ATL. This year has certainly been a successful adventure for Marc DiNero. His next project is highly anticipated. Be sure to follow Marc DiNero and stream his music on your favorite platform!