• Julz Mancini


Many times a physical disability dissolves a person's drive to follow their dreams. People focus on their inabilities rather than their strengths. In the music industry, we are intrigued by the glitz and glam in addition to the physical appearance of our favorite artists. We hear the term "marketable" time and time again. Many artists become so focused on marketability that they, in turn, forget about originality. Maserati Money paves the way by showing us that staying true to yourself and embracing every physical trait you possess, can still lead to a successful music career.

Being born with Spina Bifida, Maserati Money transitioned his diagnosis into the driving force behind his musical ambition. Never expecting special treatment or sympathy, he continued to obtain the respect of everyone he encountered. Being surrounded by music during his childhood, he learned how to re-make different songs. At the age of 13, Maserati Money had developed his own flow. As his lyricism reached higher levels, so did his ability to network and build his fan-base.

Many of you can recall the moment you realized that your innate passion was the very thing you wanted to build your life around. Stepping into a studio for the first time opened the doorway for Maserati Money. It was a soul-grabbing experience that enabled him to see a music career as a realistic goal.

Maserati Money has had the opportunity to perform at several well known hip hop venues such as, Club 560, Gasolina, Club Allure, Soho Lounge, Ebony Lounge, etc. While his presence is requested on multiple stages, several radio shows have also deemed his presence a necessity. DTF Radio, Be 100 Radio, and In The Mixx Radio have interviewed him, intrigued by his talent and determination. Networking and luring in an audience with his musical capabilities, landed him seven nominations at the "All Star Music Awards".

Listening to Big Pun, Wu Tang Clan, B.I.G., and The Game allowed him to step into a world in which he wanted to conquer. With this list of heavy hitters as inspiration, his own unique flow, a remarkable ability to network, and a disability that never held him back, it is obvious that Maserati Money will not drop anchor. He has diligently shown his audience that the sky is the limit. No ceiling exists for this talented artist. Be on the look out for more music from Maserati Money.