• Julz Mancini

Maserati Money- Stays True To His Roots With New Single "Drop"

Written by: Julz Mancini

House parties, 90’s reggae, block parties, and the occasional school dance flood my brain as I listen to Maserati Money’s new song, “Drop” due to be released on September 11, 2020. It was during these times that standing against the wall while the dance floor stayed bare, was non-existent. No one was worried about their make-up or hair being ruined by the sweat created as they moved their bodies to the music. Men would walk up to a woman, with no questions asked, and dance in unison with her. Maserati Money brings the listener down memory lane with his new single “Drop”.

Maserati Money spent his childhood listening to dance-hall music while witnessing his family members creating an entire vibe that would eventually become part of his artistry. Blending hip-hop and reggae together brings “Drop” to life. The listener will involuntarily move to the beat while singing along to this track. DJs should prepare to ignite the dance floor while they play “Drop”, bringing people together as the bass vibrates their feet provoking them to put the rest of their bodies in motion.

In addition to “Drop” featuring Teddy Graham and Kony Brooks, Maserati Money is also releasing a remix which features Yung GT, a reggae artist. Staying in touch with his roots, he wanted to give his fans a song that would reveal his versatility and an additional side of himself. It is crucial to be transparent in one’s music, as it allows the audience to learn more about the artist. While listening to this song, it is obvious that there are many layers to Maserati Money in which he is willing to peel back without fear or hesitation.

“Drop” will have the listener wanting to book the next flight for a vacation while envisioning sitting on the beach sipping on their favorite alcoholic beverage. Between the beat, the lyrics, and overall delivery within this song, there is no doubt that “Drop” will be a personal favorite of yours.

If you haven’t heard Maserati Money’s music, this song will surely entice you to stream other songs of his. It’s no surprise that he has created another amazing track as he is a phenomenal artist who never disappoints.

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