• The King Pen

Mixtape's are BACK with "Escape From The Underground" Chapter 1

A couple of months ago We got an idea, "Hip-Hop is Missing Mixtapes" hmmm.

If You're of a certain age, elk, and of a certain era you probably have a favorite mixtape and can remember the golden age of Mixtapes (and some would say Hip-Hop in general) when Dj's such as Kid Capri, Dj Clue, Dj Sns, Big Mike, Kay Slay (Rip smh) and countless others would supply the streets with exclusive music from their favorite artist and un-known artist alike mixed with Freestyle or dope blends. You probably heard your favorite artist on a mixtape 1st.

With all that being said, us at Rap On Steroids felt like the whole mixtape feel and culture was severely missing in todays and time and we decided to Put together one ourselves.

Admittedly this was "Easier said then done" but we set out on a task to make a 90's - 2000's style mixtape with Freestyles, exclusives, Drops, shoutouts, Movie clips and most importantly DOPE ARTIST.

After a couple of months of work and endless hours we came up with something we could actually listen to and consider dope to us and we hope its dope to you. especially if you miss mixtapes..

RapOnSteroids presents "Escape From The Underground" Enjoy

check out the Tracklist