• Mvnyc Fisher

New Benny The Butcher X Harry Fraud "ThanksGiving" off The Plugs I Met 2

"Benny The Butcher is Back" gearing up for the release of the highly anticipated follow up to his critically acclaimed "Plugs I Met" project , this time Benny links up with legendary producer Harry Fraud to give the streets "The Plugs I met 2"

today they released the first leak off the project "Thanksgiving" in which Benny tells the Fans and the streets that hes Thankful to be alive after the Robbery and attempt on his life in Houston and how we should all be thankful too

"Went and did that lil' bid, now my hoes ain't actin' the same (Damn)
Stressin', I did them sentences without stackin' no change
Gettin' high inside, knowin' my pride ain't matchin' my wage
Let me take you back to that blue building, back in the day
Where I trapped them two for fifteens, plus that was my age"

check out "Thanksgiving" below and stay tuned for "The Plugs I Met 2" dropping Friday March 19th

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