• Mvnyc Fisher

(ON THE RISE) Scrilla Gambino

An aspiring songwriter who creates on the foundation of real life experiences, Scrilla Gambino is a Sugar Hill (Harlem, NYC) native who has recently made a heavy splash on the independent scene with the release of his much anticipated Distorted Thoughts EP.  With 8 years of experience under his belt Scrilla Gambino is not bashful is saying that 2019 has become a turning point his art and pursuit.  

 "I feel like Distorted Thoughts had the potential to become the highlight of my discography. Thus far I've been blessed to work with so many talented artists from Niti, Izzy Miyagi, Mack Wyatt, Choice, English Mcfly, Kavyy Garcia, Big Baz, Jack Blakk; I sat back and thought about my next move. I wanted to take my creativity to the next level, and Distorted Thoughts is exactly that."

A throwback to the time when impact and feeling mattered, Scrilla Gambino has tossed his hat into the ring of those who spit reality rap with no cut on it.   With originality and authenticity being a hallmark of his brand, the Edgecombe Avenue representative has no plans to divert from his formula of content.

"I Am One Of The Most Humble Artists Out. I Don’t Fabricate None Of My Lyrics. What You See Is What You Get. Originality Is A Must With Me."

Making the most of a 5 1/2 year prison stint, Scrilla would begin to put pen to paper exercising his thoughts into a meaningful melody.  

"I Met A Fellow Artist By The Name Of Green Double Out Of Rochester, NY He Showed Me The Ropes And The Rest Is History. My Love For The Game Made Me Want To Be A Player I Grew Up Listening To Nothing But The Best Rappers And Knew I Wanted To Be A part Of The Culture."

Now Three full projects in (Cracks in The Concrete, Distorted Thoughts & Devil May Cry) and a blistering Freestyle on Shade 45'S Lord Sear show, Scrilla Gambino is primed to work his way into the conversation of talented story tellers who deliver for a certain core of individuals who yearn for the golden era. Stay tuned

check out Scrilla Gambino's latest project "Devil May Cry" below