• Julz Mancini

Positive Energy Movement

Let’s face it. We are all drawn to a story with a happy ending. However, we have become accustomed to sad stories and the fall of hard working individuals. Gallo shines light on the possibility of succeeding in this "needle in a haystack"industry.

The beginning of his story is much like ours… hard upbringing, struggle, and disappointment along the way. Gallo has always stood out in the crowd, pushing himself to the limits, crossing boundaries, and never taking no for an answer.

From performing to producing, this talented artist has accomplished goals while going against the grain. Not only does he rap and produce hip-hop music. He creates masterpieces for all genres of music which has assisted him in obtaining several opportunities. Gallo entered and won the “Dream Reborn Song Contest” and the Jee Juh Productions “Best Song Contest.” He has produced for TV shows such as “Love and Hip Hop” and “Black Ink”. He has produced for ESPN, NFL, Netflix, along with many other movies, shows, and commercials nationally and internationally. Gallo has been featured on major websites which has helped increase his exposure and fan base such as, BET and TMZ. In addition, Gallo has been interviewed on well-known platforms like Shade45, The Whirl Magazine, The Post-Gazette, The Pocono Record, The Express Times, and Lehigh Valley Live.

Gallo is the founder of P.E.M. (Positive Energy Movement) whose goal is to reach the masses through his positive music, videos, and outreach projects. Performing at major events, schools, and other venues, has helped Gallo spread the word about his movement. He continues to support many different charities and strives to give back to his community. During this day and age, it is unheard of to listen to an artist who doesn’t curse and promote violence and derogatory content within his/her music. When you listen to Gallo’s music, it is a breath of fresh air. Listening to his music, you still get the same feel-good vibes along with realistic content. He draws you in immediately…without the typical over-saturated lyrics you hear in the majority of music today.

Gallo is an inspiration to today’s independent artists. He has created his own lane and continues to strive for excellence. His resume alone proves that anything is possible as long as you have determination, work ethic, talent, and a positive outlook.

You can find Gallo anywhere. Search, Gallos World.