• Julz Mancini

RueNatic- A Storyteller

As I write this, I listen to RueNatic's most recent project, "The Burgeoning Nihilist". The intro itself lures in the listener due to the raw transparency as this lyricist speaks his truth. Both the production and lyrics coincide with each other perfectly bringing you back to a time where both were essential. The features fit like a glove within this project which consists of artists such as, Recognize Ali, Two Feathers, Napoleon Da Legend, Ill Conscious, and more. Speaking of his own life experiences, RueNatic shares his struggles with depression, suicidal ideation, and using music as his medicine to overcome the overbearing, internal agony that mental illness causes.

Not only does RueNatic touch on his own life roller-coaster. He speaks on current events that are taking place in the world. His music takes the listener on a ride through his mind...giving us the ability to see everything from his perspective. Imagine swimming in the deep end, losing strength, feeling fatigued and ready to throw in the towel; Then you suddenly obtain a burst of strength to pull yourself out of the water. That is what each track within this project portrays. Conflict, doubt, clouded judgment, making it through the most difficult of times...situations the majority of people have been through. Music is RueNatic's remedy and he has made that very clear with "The Burgeoning Nihilist".

The year of 1994 is when this artist took the plunge and began creating music as a producer and a rapper. Since then, RueNatic has been featured on Shade 45's "The Rap Is Outta Control" show. RueNatic has music on all music platforms and is currently working on an upcoming project titled, "Swan Diving Into Cauldrons" which is due to be released this fall. Be sure to be on the look out for what this storyteller shares next.