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Suge Knight smashed TLC and Jasmine Guy?

Suge Knight the "West Coast Boogeyman" once ran the West and his legendary Death Row label with an iron fist and inspired fear and respect around the globe.

Decades later some of the stories about the now incarcerated Knight are coming out left and right.

On the "Art of Dialogue" youtube platform, former Death Row artist "Danny Boy" sat down with the interviewer to discuss his bid on Death Row and had alot to say.

One of the stories is about Suge Knight allegedly sleeping with 2 members of TLC and Jasmine Guy from "Its a Different World" it seems Suge wasn't just a Brute Gangster but also a serious ladies man.

check out the interview below and let us know. Do You believe Danny Boy or is he Capping and clout chasing as the youngins would say.

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