• Mvnyc Fisher

The Rap On Steroids Podcast Episode 3 (Wheres The Mic?)

On Episode 3 of The Rap ON Steroids Podcast Our Host G.Fisher Talks about Conway The Machine possibly leaving Griselda Records, The Loaded Lux Vs Daylight Battle and The Jim Jones, French Montana Reconciliation, and of course We got new dope music from artist like 38 Spesh, Conway The Machine, Earn Dinero, The God Fahim and more ..

. track list below

1.Earn Dinero - life of a Hustler.. off the triangle e.p

2 Conway The Machine - Lemon feat method man from a king to a.god album

3.David Bars - Don't Panic ft Fred the Godson ( Beat and Bars Album)

4 Stove God - Cooks Crosses (Reasonable Drought

5.. 38 Spesh -Road Back (Interstate 38)

6. 50 pounds on the marble floors - Ru$H , Jay Nice, The God Fahim ( An album Called Classic)

7.Still glory- Admiral ( Honor and Will )

8. Bada Bing. - Jim Jones Ft French Montana

9.Gang wit me - WaveRunner Lays (Jack of all trades) 10) Don Cartagena- Fat Joe ft Diddy (Don Cartegena)

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