• Mvnyc Fisher

(WATCH) Duce Da Priviledge gives us "Nothing but That REAL SH*T"

Brooklyn emcee and entrepreneur "Duce Da Priviledge" has been making a name for himself on NYC's indie scene for over a decade and has worn numerous hats in this business including running his burgeoning Knetwork Clothing brand and events business. With so much focus on his growing empire sometimes his music gets lost in the shuffle.

Now "Privi" as he's called for short, seems to refocused his attention, passion and drive back to his music and with his new video for "Real Sh*t" and lines like "Its Time to eat im in the kitchen with ingredients/ Chef Privi got the sauce and the seasoning/ Movin weight by Plate i was feedin em/ Re Up and repeat and then we eat again./

Hes making an impact on the indie scene once again

check out his new video for "Real Shit" below

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