• Mvnyc Fisher

World Premier: Conway The Machine Stand with George Floyd Protest with new Banger "Front Lines"

In these turbulent times its hard to think about anything else other than the Corona Virus or the progressing civil unrest, protest and riots (sparked by the vicious murder of George Floyd at the hands of racist the Minnesota Police) now plaguing Inner cities across America.

Even-though sometimes considered an escape from the harsh realities of urban life in the "Greatest Country in the World" Hip-Hop/Rap music started as a voice of the frustrated oppressed and marginalized impoverished Bronx, NYC youths that turned into a Culture and worldwide movement but at its core has remained a "Voice of the people".

Hip-Hop artist in general have been known for sometimes scathing social commentary aimed at an historically unjust system inherently built and maintained based on prejudice predicated by ones skins color.

Today Griselda Records own Conway the Machine contributes to the heritage of Hip-Hop social activism with "Front Lines" frequent Griselda collaborator and rising Producer Beat Butcher providing a menacing ominous sounding backdrop for the Machine.

Although not completely a protest song in its entirety, with opening bars like

"Machine bitch ya favorite rappers wanna be me/ I d they streaming numers with the vinyl and the cds" its seems like Conway just gonna kill this on his regular" im better then niggas "(Which he is.. I might add lol) bravado, you'll quickly find yourself just rocking to neck slapping track and hard bars like "My neck look 3-D/ cause S sitting next to the VV/ My bitch the prettiest next to Rhi-Rhi./ and before you know it your already hooked

.It seems Conway understands that sometimes you gotta give the people Candy and slide the medicine in there somehow cause on the second verse he starts by apparently refrenceing the whole tekashi "snitch Nine" debacle

"while you so called real niggas celebrating rats/ going on youtube running up these niggas views/ cant be on both sides my nigga you gotta choose/

nigga trying justify the shit in all his interviews/ and the niggas in comments say the woulda did it to" again he draws you in...BUT THEN...seamlessly he switches it up

"Just seen a video on the news that I couldnt believe/ another racist cop kill a nigga and get to leave/ He screaming I cant breath, cops ignoring all his pleas/"

Damn Conway thats how you do that shit for real..

Theres deffintley more but im not gonna sit here and spoil it all for you so check it out below and no matter what BE SAFE and "POWER TO THE PEOPLE"